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3dRudder is one of the first foot powered controller movement, which is specifically designed and made for Virtual Reality. The device can be used while the user is seated, wherein it enables them to effortlessly move with a tilt of only their feet through an environment that is 3D, along with 4 axis of simultaneously  movement (front/back; right/left; rotate up/down and rotate R/L). The user can also move in virtual reality environments, CAD software, drone flying, classic video games, machines driving and more. There are numerous features that will make the 3dRudder different from all the other controllers. The 3dRudder’s two known characteristics are unique to its device: one is that it functions along four different combinable axis of simultaneously movement, while the other controllers will usually rely on axis 2 to 3 only. The second one would be the only powered foot controller, which will keep the hand of the users to be 100% free. Additionally, some of the most unique features of 3dRudder are the short learning curve, and as well as the progressivity.


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