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Today, 8Seasons have 300 employees, which is full of geniuses and elites. Each individual in 8Seasons will do their best to create a team as a more professional and substantial one. All of their staff are conscientious , energetic and young, all of them love tiny charms and beads, and some of them are simply like you, which is full of enthusiasm when it comes to making jewelry. The company believes that the way to success will become wider with all of their joint efforts. Their main goal is for their customers to become satisfied completely with each and every purchase that they do. 8Seasons are proud of the products’ quality that they sell, wherein they are offering great customer service is their top priority. If a customer is not satisfied completely, 8Seasons will gladly assist you to return their customer’s purchase. Compared with other online stores, 8Seasons are here to promise that they could offer you products that are high quality.


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