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Air Tekkers Coupon Codes

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Air-Trekker is the number one brand of jumping stilts in the USA’sfor almost a decade already. Currently, they have been selling and shipping their newest model: BW-EXTREME! They have redesigned the soft parts to provide you maximum comfort and a high performance. For people who don’t know, jumping stilts will let you take your favorite big air, parkour or jumping activities, and take them to the next level! Jump higher and run faster with bionic-like freedom and power.

Air-Trekkers is proud to offer its customer a  high-performance, finest, patent protected, jumping stilts today, at an affordable prices. They are offering different models and weight categories for any size or age. No matter what question you have, they have a lot of experts who will gladly answer all of your questions. Their staff has been involved with this patent holder, and equipment since the year 2007.


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