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Amazing Grass is offering the most powerful vegetable on the plant, which people can consume in the most convenient way possible and one that aligns with everyone’s hectic lifestyles. Amazing Grass started out on a kitchen table in San Francisco 10 years ago, after brothers Todd and Brandon ditched their respective corporate jobs. Currently, Amazing Grass have already grown from a grassroots company to the leading distributor and producer of organic Green Superfoods. The farm of the family has been growing cereal and alfalfa grasses for more than 60 years and have perfected the harvesting art, and as well as dehydration and storage of all of their produce. This will also ensure optimum nutritional content. Amazing Grass offer a wide variety of superfood products that are kosher, raw, gluten free, and vegan. Amazing Grass is here to create nothing but the best organic green foods on the market for everyone to achieve the great health that they all deserve.


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